I help companies grow by improving conversions

The best marketers are freaks, in the best kind of way. They’re equally ruled by words and numbers. They’re moved by the emotional and the rational. And they’re under intense pressure to figure-it-all-out, to help decide where to go
and how to get there in a landscape that’s forever changing.

Why Companies Choose Me

I assure you I'm a kind of consultant you've never met before and I talk about things on a way you have never heard. I might say things that rub you on the wrong way, make you mad, make you questions your past beliefs and interrupt your normal thought patters.
I believe that sometimes the things you don't want to hear are the things you need to hear the most.

Outstanding communication

As Tony Robbins puts it “The quality of your life = The quality of your communication”. I have strong experience in sales, marketing and partnership negotiations.

Entrepreneurial background

I believe that in the end of the day everyone is an entrepreneur, but not everyone behaves so. I’ve built various businesses from the ground up till the scaling phase.


I believe in execution. I don’t necessarily want to be Einstein, but instead Bob the Builder that makes things happen.

Problem solving skills

Where people see problems I see solutions and possibilities to cash out.

Analytical mind

I believe that people lie and numbers don’t. If needed you can teach a parrot to talk, but numbers are numbers.


I think the smartest thing that CEO’s can do is plow all their free cash flow into digital products and services. Things are changing very quickly, and it’s too late to knit a digital parachute when you’re falling off the cliff.

About Me

Extremely target oriented digital marketing and sales professional.

I’m a startup entrepreneur with success and failures, a keynote speaker and an author with two books written; The Startup Warrior & Recruitment Superstar.


I’ve worked in fast growing startups and founded three of my own.

How I Can Help

If you want results risk free - I'm here for you. 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Are you looking to turn your company into a sales machine? I help companies to improve sales results by generating inbound demand and by making the sales process more efficient.

Digital marketing

Are you looking to grow traffic, increase sales or generate leads? If your answer is yes, I’m the guy for the job. As many marketing experts use marketing to create awarness, I use marketing to generate sales.

Recruitment marketing

Looking to attract more talent to your company? Recruitment marketing has changed and if you are ready to start generating application risk free I’m here for you.

Digital business development

Looking to create a new product or a service? If you’re planning to develop something new makes sure it’s at least 9 time better than anything else in the market. Let me help build your product a success.

My Clients Say

Very pleased and humble when I hear this from my clients and partners.

Once I have heard that 90% of all problem could be solved if person just move its ass from sofa. I think that this statement is exactly about Mikael. I have never seen any person who could be so full of energy, ideas and so supportive. He is almost all the time in movement, between projects and countries. Between IT solutions, possible business ideas and sales pitches. He is a person from whom young persons should learn how to became an entrepreneur.

But one thing in Mikael I like the the most! He is one of seldom persons, who never give up! If something should be redone 23 times, he will do that exactly 23 times! So the great British slogan - keep calm and keep moving, is exactly about him.

Konstantins Kuzikovs, CEO Delfi (Latvia). Biggest online media group in Baltics

When you meet Mikael and get to feel his energy, you know things are going to happen and the results come quickly. He is very smart and yet still very humble. He isn't afraid of challenges and comes up innovative and applicable solutions whenever needed. First and foremost, he is a person, who will make it big.

Aslak de Silva, CEO - Nordic Business Forum

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Juho Toivola, VP HR - Elisa

Mikael is one of the most fearless and sales oriented entrepreneurs I've met. During the past I had seen him previously pitching his previous startup. He was always assertive, positive and stubborn in the right way.

Now that I have seen Mikael closer (working at Avanto Venture's office) the key strengths among his sales skills and drive is definitely his leading by example. On the turn side he may still have some to learn on priorization and focusing on the most important tasks in order not to burn his candle from both ends.

Juha Saarinen, Founder - Avanto Ventures

Mikael is a faster learner and converts his ideas quickly to reality. He has a tremendous energy and knows how to motivate others around him. His ideas inspire many people and other entrepreneurs in Finland. His participation in forums, social events and key notes are extremely beneficial and a must follow.

Fernando Francisco, Managing Director EMEA - Malwarebytes

He is one of the most inspirational and visionary leaders I've known. Mikael was exceptionally good at sales, pitching, innovating and managing. I strongly admired him for his great passion, dedication, creativity and super-productivity and ability to learn and do multiple things at lightening speed and effective manner.

Hien Le

My Blog

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